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Bicycles 2 X 200

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Bicycles 2 X 200

A popular exhibition celebrating the bicentennial of the bicycle with dozens of interactive exhibits, historic collections, unique contemporary bicycles, artworks and video art

About the Exhibition

The bicycle, a wonderful machine conceived in the 19th century with the invention of the pedestrian curricle, has gradually evolved into today’s sleek, innovative vehicles.

The exhibition is divided into several sections, each dedicated to a different aspect: the cyclist and our extraordinary ability to learn (and never forget!) a series of complex, synchronized actions; the mutual influence between bicycles and urban and social change; cycling as a tool for change in third world countries; and how the current use of bicycles is revolutionizing urban landscapes and urban living.

The exhibition features innovations and inventions since the inception of the vehicle: the Wright brothers’ expert use of bicycles in their building of the first airplane; how the German Karl Benz invented the modern automobile by attaching a motor to a tricycle, and more.

The exhibition’s flagship exhibits include a bicycle-powered animated video, a square wheel bike that runs smoothly, and cycling in a wind tunnel.

Erez R. Mizrachi

Such a rich museum! The kids can touch, learn and experience everything, and parents can have a great time too. Arrive early and not in season, otherwise the place is packed. Will definitely visit again when the kids are older

Arie Berkovitch

Very enjoyable. The kids moved from one exhibit to another. The museum encourages them to explore. Suitable for kids over 5 (younger kids don’t pay but there isn't much for them to do)

David van Gelder

Great museum, every exhibit is hands-on with clear explanations in Hebrew, English and Arabic. Fun and enjoyable for curious people of all ages. Nice, shaded areas to rest, eat and relax. Takes about 4 hours to cover everything


A world-class museum with entertaining interactive exhibits that educate children about scientific principles. Israeli hi-tech inventions are highlighted

Asaf C

Awesome place with so many things to see, do and learn. Fun for the whole family! The are plenty of exhibitions that demonstrate different physical and natural phenomenas. The place is clean and tidy, and easy to navigate. It also has guided tours. Parking could be a problem if you come late, but overall - highly recommended

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