Writing in light with Pendulight


Build by a science museum for science museum

Treat your visitors to an innovative experience: A special light pendulum that draws beautiful, self-erasing patterns of infinite variety.


Pendulight is an innovative pendulum that records its movement on a photochromic surface using a UV laser.

Pendulight is an engaging exhibit for all ages.


Beautiful and challenging, the Pendulight demonstrates the use of photochromic material to record movement. An exhibit arouses curiosity and encourages conversation among visitors.


The Pendulight writes with a violet laser light.

The specially-coated paper responds to the light by becoming darker – for a few minutes.


From its opening in 1980, the BSMJ designs and builds most of its exhibits and exhibitions, with more than 3 million visitors who used and enjoyed them over the years.

The museums professional team has a vast experience in designing and building exhibits that have both educational value and robust constructions.

Therefore the exhibits are entertaining and playful, while being thought provoking and create a sense of wonder.







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