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The maker movement is a contemporary movement that originated in the Western United States as a response to social, economic and technological changes that have made advanced tools, equipment and tech accessible to the public. It is a process that is once a response to and a development of digital culture, a modern expression that enables fulfillment of goals and creativity.

New electric tools and components enable to quickly and cheaply link the physical and the digital. Online tools and software enable easy development and sharing of plans. People who spend their day dragging pixels on computer screens have rediscovered the joy of creating physical objects, while sharing their experiences with other enthusiasts either online or face to face.

While the maker movement started out as a grassroots, DIY community of hobbyists, it has evolved and emerged, and its influence is now felt in professional settings – industrial companies, government bodies and agencies, and schools. Many find the principles of the maker culture valuable to students and adults alike: a culture that fosters creativity, encourages people to experiment and “think with their hands”, and blends art, science, technology, invention and learning with enthusiasm for making and sharing knowledge and technical know-how.

The museum integrates and assimilates the principles of the maker movement in its exhibitions and activities for both students and the public.

Our Maker Lab

The museum’s Maker Lab provides a safe space for experimenting, thinking big, and failing spectacularly. The lab celebrates experiential learning and provides digital fabrication tools for all makers - from inquisitive school children to professionals who love DYI.

Visitors are urged to fix, saw, weld, take apart, put together and play with the lab’s many raw materials, traditional tools and digital fabrication equipment.

It is a safe space to be as creative as you want, take initiative, and immerse yourself in personal and shared experimentation. The Maker Lab is the ideal place to turn ideas into reality, build prototypes, learn from mistakes and develop technological, as well as team working, skills.

Who’s it for? The Maker Lab is ideal for school children and students of all ages, families and groups.

The lab offers the following production and planning tools and services:

  • Advanced woodworking tools
  • Laser cutter
  • A CNC machine
  • 3D printers
  • Sawing machines
  • Welding table
  • Plotter printers

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Schedule your activity in our Maker Lab with our Activities Coordinator, Miri Ohana.

Schedule use of our Maker Lab equipment with our Operations Coordinator, Rama Menashe.


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