New Exhibition:

"Freedom to Create"

Digital Craft Fair

Step into the future at the Jerusalem Science Museum! Who could have imagined that we'd live in an era where you can order 3D-printed meat or send 3D-printed medical aid files to soldiers in a war zone?

Join us for a captivating fair celebrating digital production at the Jerusalem Science Museum. Explore interactive booths featuring unique products and captivating showcases displaying extraordinary items, all crafted with various digital technologies. While 3D printing is a familiar concept, this fair provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in a diverse array of evolving techniques and technologies

Engage in a game against a robot at the toy booth, marvel at the personalized jewelry booth, experience smart shoes and clothes crafted with 3D printers, and much more. The excitement doesn't end there! You'll have the opportunity to witness the transformation of liquid into solid, and design your own laser cut sequin fabric.


"Freedom to Create" was launched to celebrate the theme of crafting artifacts through digitization, offering a unique perspective on the myriad meanings of personalized product creation — a file that can be printed on the other side of the world.

This fair provides an introduction to a field that many of us are not familiar with, a field still in its early stages. Prepare to be captivated as you gain a fascinating glimpse into both the present and the future. It's an opportune moment to demystify the realm of digital manufacturing, making it accessible for both children and adults to comprehend, play with, enjoy, explore, and spark curiosity.

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