Levers of Discovery

Levers of Discovery

Pull up your sleeves and get to work! Two exhibitions provide fun learning opportunities and activities for all members of the family. In “Levers of Discovery” you will find how simple tools and machines help us to exert more force than we might be capable of producing on our own. In “Building in the Sand”, you’ll find that you have what it takes to be an engineer and a builder.

About the Exhibition

A tablespoon, a lever and a crane – despite the differences in shape and size between them, all three objects have one thing in common: they are levers that operate according to the principle of mechanical advantage. Mechanical advantage is the ratio of load to effort.

According to this principle, one can gain distance at the expense of force or force at the expense of distance. Everyday familiar objects, like the screw or the pulley, make revolutionary use of increasing the distance so that we can produce more work with less effort.

“Levers of Discovery” is a joyful journey through humankind’s ingenuity to build machines and tools whose sole purpose is to help us accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

"Pulley elevator,” “Archimedes Screw” and most prominently our "Balls and Forces" exhibit enable our younger visitors to experiment with the principle of mechanical advantage.

Outside in the yard, the experiential “Building in the Sand” exhibit will turn every child into a young engineer. There, children can make sand blocks for construction and use planning and construction tools such as a plumb bob, a spirit level and a try square to complete tasks that spark the imagination and drive creativity and teamwork. 

Not to worry: a nearby vacuum and cleaning station will ensure that your visit proceeds smoothly and happily. 

Erez R. Mizrachi

Such a rich museum! The kids can touch, learn and experience everything, and parents can have a great time too. Arrive early and not in season, otherwise the place is packed. Will definitely visit again when the kids are older

Arie Berkovitch

Very enjoyable. The kids moved from one exhibit to another. The museum encourages them to explore. Suitable for kids over 5 (younger kids don’t pay but there isn't much for them to do)

David van Gelder

Great museum, every exhibit is hands-on with clear explanations in Hebrew, English and Arabic. Fun and enjoyable for curious people of all ages. Nice, shaded areas to rest, eat and relax. Takes about 4 hours to cover everything


A world-class museum with entertaining interactive exhibits that educate children about scientific principles. Israeli hi-tech inventions are highlighted

Asaf C

Awesome place with so many things to see, do and learn. Fun for the whole family! The are plenty of exhibitions that demonstrate different physical and natural phenomenas. The place is clean and tidy, and easy to navigate. It also has guided tours. Parking could be a problem if you come late, but overall - highly recommended

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