Illusions: A Mind-Boggling Exhibition

Illusions: A Mind-Boggling Exhibition

Illusions are created in the chasm between what we perceive as real and what IS real. This chasm can be surprising, intriguing, even enjoyable. In “Illusions”, we invite you to experience dozens of illusions that prove that trusting your senses isn’t always the best course of action…

About the Exhibition

As we experience the world, our senses process images, sounds and touch signals. But, there is a complex relationship between reality and what we perceive as reality; illusions are created when what we perceive is different from what IS. 

Illusions are surprising, intriguing, enjoyable, and they open a window to the extraordinary workings of our mind. In “Illusions”, visitors experience dozens of illusions, and get a fascinating peek into the inner workings of the human brain. 

While most illusions are optical in nature, there are also auditory illusions and tactile illusions. The exhibition demonstrates that our eyes do not operate as a straightforward “camera”; instead, seeing involves the eye and the brain working as a team.

Our eyes capture a moving image with light and dark pixels, which is then analyzed by using our brain’s knowledge of the world, and focusing on the most important aspects for our continued survival.

We are not usually conscious of the illusions that take place in our daily lives. In “Illusions”, we invite you to take that extra step and discover answers to fascinating questions: what creates an illusion? What happens in our brain that makes us perceive reality as something entirely different?

The exhibition presents four categories of illusions:

  • Change and contrast illusions - The Sensitive Brain
  • Illusions that depend on prior knowledge - The Interpretive Brain 
  • Ambiguous illusions - The Selective Brain
  • Illusions of face and motion - The Expert Brain 

Even after years of scientific research, not all illusions can be fully explained. Could you possibly venture your own explanation?

Erez R. Mizrachi

Such a rich museum! The kids can touch, learn and experience everything, and parents can have a great time too. Arrive early and not in season, otherwise the place is packed. Will definitely visit again when the kids are older

Arie Berkovitch

Very enjoyable. The kids moved from one exhibit to another. The museum encourages them to explore. Suitable for kids over 5 (younger kids don’t pay but there isn't much for them to do)

David van Gelder

Great museum, every exhibit is hands-on with clear explanations in Hebrew, English and Arabic. Fun and enjoyable for curious people of all ages. Nice, shaded areas to rest, eat and relax. Takes about 4 hours to cover everything


A world-class museum with entertaining interactive exhibits that educate children about scientific principles. Israeli hi-tech inventions are highlighted

Asaf C

Awesome place with so many things to see, do and learn. Fun for the whole family! The are plenty of exhibitions that demonstrate different physical and natural phenomenas. The place is clean and tidy, and easy to navigate. It also has guided tours. Parking could be a problem if you come late, but overall - highly recommended

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