Electricity – The Power and the Light

Electricity – The Power and the Light

A fun exhibition for all the family, aimed at deciphering the great puzzle that is electricity – once so mysterious as to be considered magical, and so indispensable today. So indispensable, in fact, that we cannot envision modern life without it. We invite you to delve into the fascinating world hiding behind every plug and socket!

About the Exhibition

Electrical appliances are everywhere but, if we look into what they actually do, we will find that electricity is actually required as such only in extreme and special cases, such as the electric chair and a few other special laboratory devices.

In our daily lives, we need electricity to produce light (bulbs), heat (ovens, toasters, kettles, electric blankets, microwaves...), power and movement (electro-magnets, fan motors, mixers, washing machines, dryers...), sound (loudspeakers, stereo systems) and to transfer data (telephones, faxes, etc.).

Electricity’s “secret sauce” lies in its ability to evolve into different forms of usable energy. But that is not all: an electric current can also easily flow from one point to another through relatively thin wires.

Most importantly, it is very easy to control the flow of the electricity. So easy, in fact, that you can press a single switch to turn on (or off) ten, a hundred, even a thousand light bulbs.

In “Electricity – the Power and the Light”, you will witness how electricity – a force considered magical until a mere 150 years ago, when it was used to attract objects to each other or ignite flashes and sparks - has become the most important “fuel” of our times, powering almost every technology we use.

You’ll explore the principles generating light in a bulb; how a strong electric current can turn even the air into a magnet or make an aluminum ring fly up in the air; and how electric motors and dynamos work.

You’ll see how gas produces light when an electric current flows through it, and play with different gasses to emit different colors of light. You will figure out how a microwave works and hear the electric currents as they flow through your body. You’ll be able to light a bulb that isn’t wired, and even gently shock yourself with a low, harmless current (don't try this at home!).

Erez R. Mizrachi

Such a rich museum! The kids can touch, learn and experience everything, and parents can have a great time too. Arrive early and not in season, otherwise the place is packed. Will definitely visit again when the kids are older

Arie Berkovitch

Very enjoyable. The kids moved from one exhibit to another. The museum encourages them to explore. Suitable for kids over 5 (younger kids don’t pay but there isn't much for them to do)

David van Gelder

Great museum, every exhibit is hands-on with clear explanations in Hebrew, English and Arabic. Fun and enjoyable for curious people of all ages. Nice, shaded areas to rest, eat and relax. Takes about 4 hours to cover everything


A world-class museum with entertaining interactive exhibits that educate children about scientific principles. Israeli hi-tech inventions are highlighted

Asaf C

Awesome place with so many things to see, do and learn. Fun for the whole family! The are plenty of exhibitions that demonstrate different physical and natural phenomenas. The place is clean and tidy, and easy to navigate. It also has guided tours. Parking could be a problem if you come late, but overall - highly recommended

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