A Flashlight in the Dark

A Flashlight in the Dark

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but can you always trust what you see? “A Flashlight in the Dark” exhibition will make you doubt your own eyes…

About the Exhibition

Have you ever walked down the street and were startled by the unflinching stare of a large black cat with glowing eyes? That is, until you realized the “tabby cat from hell” was actually the distant reflection of street lights on a piece of glass resting on a log…

Did you ever go into a dark room, even your own living room, and was horrified by the sight of a stranger sitting in your favorite armchair?  That is, until you switched on the light, and discovered that the creepy visitor was merely an old blanket…

What we see or think we see depends on a myriad of factors: what we expect to see, what we dread seeing, the angle from which we spot the object, the strength, color and direction of the light, and much more. “A Flashlight in the Dark” aims to surprise, embarrass and, most importantly, open your eyes to see the world a little differently.

Among the exhibits is a phosphorescent wall, a video full of optical tricks and a mind-blowing mirror exhibit. You’ll find out how a frog sees the world, learn about Zeno's paradoxes and explore the inner workings of a stroboscope.

The exhibition is held in darkness and led by a museum guide.

Erez R. Mizrachi

Such a rich museum! The kids can touch, learn and experience everything, and parents can have a great time too. Arrive early and not in season, otherwise the place is packed. Will definitely visit again when the kids are older

Arie Berkovitch

Very enjoyable. The kids moved from one exhibit to another. The museum encourages them to explore. Suitable for kids over 5 (younger kids don’t pay but there isn't much for them to do)

David van Gelder

Great museum, every exhibit is hands-on with clear explanations in Hebrew, English and Arabic. Fun and enjoyable for curious people of all ages. Nice, shaded areas to rest, eat and relax. Takes about 4 hours to cover everything


A world-class museum with entertaining interactive exhibits that educate children about scientific principles. Israeli hi-tech inventions are highlighted

Asaf C

Awesome place with so many things to see, do and learn. Fun for the whole family! The are plenty of exhibitions that demonstrate different physical and natural phenomenas. The place is clean and tidy, and easy to navigate. It also has guided tours. Parking could be a problem if you come late, but overall - highly recommended

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