The Urban-Scientific Advantage Program for Students in Jerusalem Schools

The city of Jerusalem is blessed with many informal education institutions of science and technology. As part of its overreaching “Jerusalem – a city of science” program, the Jerusalem Municipality seeks to use this unique advantage to promote science and technology studies in schools.

Urban-Scientific Advantage is an innovative program that aims to support scientific research processes and technological problem-solving practices central to science and technology learning in schools.

Initiated and led by the Bloomfield Science Museum, the program joins together five institutions that focus on science and technology education with schools in the city. It is supported by the Science, Technology and Sustainability Department in the Jerusalem Education Administration, and the Ministry of Education.

As part of the science and technology curriculum in Israel, students in 6th and 9th grades are tasked with completing either a classroom-based science research project or solving a technological problem.

Schools participating in the “Jerusalem – a city of science” program choose an educational institution from the five participating institutions, and then receive a science-based “consulting package” to facilitate the students’ projects. This package includes an activity for the class, held at the chosen institution; scientific and technological guidance to both teachers and students; and the option to work in small groups at the chosen institution.

At the end of the process, the products are displayed and presented at a school fair open to the school community. Chosen projects are then exhibited at the citywide science fair.

The Urban-Scientific Advantage project is fully funded by the Jerusalem Education Administration.


The five informal science and technology institutions are:

  1. The Israel Ornithological Center
  2. The Biblical Zoo
  3. The JerusaLAB - interaction laboratory, Musrara Naggar School of Art and Society
  4. Museum of Natural History in Jerusalem
  5. The Bloomfield Science Museum

The participating schools commit to the following:

  • Science teachers must attend a guidance session at the chosen institution.
  • For the scheduled class activity at the chosen institution, the school must fund class transportation to and from the chosen institution.
  • Setting up a school fair.

Join the Urban-Scientific Advantage Program or contact us for more information:

Omer Geist, Urban-Scientific Advantage Program Coordinator